AIW Diversified Solutions has been helping regional and global clients to equip themselves with powerful and modern capabilities. Our multi-site retail rollout services include high-end hardware and software deployment by expert technicians. 

IT Rollouts Management Services

Are you ready to integrate a new service into your business? You might be preparing for a plan B if things don’t go as expected. However, that’s not the case with AIW Diversified Solutions. We offer top-notch IT and network rollout services, on-site and remote, through our highly advanced team of technicians. 

Now, your business doesn’t have to lag and stay within its limitations. You can break all the chains using our latest and state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. We prioritize convenience and comfort by strategizing, managing, testing, and implementing the optimal domestic rollout service for your company. As a result, your business strives, grows, and becomes a global phenomenon.
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Our Rollout Services

End-to-end project management 
Remote and field rollout services
Regular and occasional repairs and maintenance
Dedicated project management and coordination team
Support for small to large-scale projects
Hardware and software solutions
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