Structured Cabling

Do you want to upgrade your business infrastructure? AIW Diversified Solutions can assist you with our structured cabling services handled by highly skilled and experienced IT field technicians.

Structured Cabling Service By Specialists

Is your business network having issues? Let us tackle those problems by testing and implementing modern solutions. We ensure high-quality hardware, including optical cables and panels, with a wisely-crafted cabling plan. Our technicians are available worldwide, offering structured cabling service for years. Thus, they leverage their experience to solve critical network errors occurring in infrastructure.

AIW Diversified Solutions understand the importance of stable and uninterrupted data transmission. We believe communication is the key to success for any business. That is why our experts design the optimal plan for your company, considering its floor plan. Furthermore, they implement it with state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions, ensuring smooth sailing for your business. As a structured cabling service provider, our global technicians can assist you with onsite and remote support.
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Make The Most Out Of Your Business Network

With a smooth network, your business gets efficient communications. The data transmission faces no hurdles, along with the following:

  • We offer End-to-end project management with a dedicated team that includes everything from the planning and design phase to structured cabling installation services in the final billing with separate deliverables.
  • Our cabling has a durable build, ensuring it never faces connections that can delay business operations. To take things one step further, we provide all the necessary hardware required for this service.
  • We can inspect your existing cabling and identify its problems. Our technicians will try their best to optimize the current solution, as it can be a more cost-effective and quicker approach for your company.
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Our Structured Cabling Services

Demarcation Extensions
Our demarcation, or demarc extension services, creates a robust bridge between your business and its customers, ensuring clear communications that are essential for customer service. Ultimately, good communication increases your company’s credibility and popularity in today’s over-saturated environment.
Fiber Cabling
While Wifi is convenient, it is not the most efficient option. Fiber cabling services have proven their worth with the test of time. Our fiber cables are equally reliable and strong, providing a more secure and speedy network connection within your business.
Low Voltage
AIW Diversified Solutions offers smartly designed and engineered commercial low voltage cabling services for companies. From plan and installation to repair, our technicians can handle all. Our high-end cables work effectively in all small, medium, and large-scale businesses.
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Unboxing The Benefits Of Structured Cabling Services

As a structured cabling services company, we understand the ever-changing demands of modern businesses. Here are the benefits of choosing us:
Site Surveys & Inspection
Our technicians will take a site survey of your company area. It provides insights into your floor plan and infrastructure. Then, they can design the most efficient solution.
Optimization & Repairs
That will be our first priority if your current cabling can be fixed or optimized. If not, our experts will design and offer structured cabling installation services from scratch.
Future Repairs & Assistance
If you face any problem in the future with your structured cabling, feel free to contact us. Our team will immediately dispatch the local technician in your area for onsite repairs.

Transform Your Business Infrastructure

AIW Diversified Solutions knows the complexities of small to large businesses. Our services are tailored to the company’s specifications and scale.
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