WIRELESS Networking

Adopt the modern way and convert your wired business operations to wireless with our top-notch wireless network services planned and executed by the best field technicians in the industry.

Eliminate Cables and Switch to Wireless

While wired networks are more stable, they have become obsolete. Modern wireless networks are also stable while keeping the place organized. They require less maintenance and don’t ruin the aesthetics. AIW Diversified Solutions offer this service to switch your existing system to a modern one.

As a wireless network service provider, we offer site inspection and network designs. All parts of these services are handled by skilled technicians. They consider your building’s infrastructure and choose the right solutions. This way, you get uninterrupted and speedy connections in all parts of your company site. So, are you ready to get rid of the old-fashioned cables and convert them to wireless?
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Field Technicians for Wireless Networking Services

Our field technicians are available to assist you anywhere in the world. We have partnered with trained personnel worldwide to offer our helping hand in over 90 countries. At the same time, our remote support is available in even more areas. Our project managers handle the wireless network installation services from planning to execution. They will provide a completely visible audit of the deliverables in the billing.

Before installation, our technicians survey the site for wireless network design services. The design explains how all the areas will get optimal signal strength and internet speed.
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