Looking for the right wireless site surveys? AIW Diversified Solutions has you covered to send expert technicians to ensure your business meets all the modern needs of today’s
ever-changing market.

Active Site Surveys With Global Support

Do you want a wireless site survey report for your business? Look no further than AIW Diversified Solutions. Our technicians are experienced in installing, repairing, and maintaining high-end hardware. On top of that, we have our very own project management team. They can handle the project with total visibility, regardless of its scale.

Our experts prepare a wireless site survey checklist. It contains all the dos and don'ts that your business WiFi needs. We ensure your brand is following modern standards to handle its operations efficiently. If not, our technicians can equip your company with the required hardware and network solutions. Additionally, our 24/7 on-site and global support can help you tackle problems before they even occur.
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End-to-End Project Management with Our Wireless Site Surveys

AIW Diversified Solutions work as your one-stop solution for all site survey needs. Here’s how we can help your business with our services:

  • A wireless network site survey can help your business reach its hidden potential. That is only possible with our expert technicians handling the process and preparing an in-depth report regarding your business insights. 
  • We can eliminate the old-fashioned and inefficient wired solutions from your business. They can cause clutter and make the place unorganized for employees as well as customers.
  • Our team can inspect the site to understand which WiFi solution fits your needs. On top of that, we plan the complete design from scratch to find the optimal network capacity and signal coverage.
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Benefits of Wireless Site Surveys 

The Right Plan
The network design can vary from business to business, depending on its floor plans. Our experts consider the building construction to design the optimal network plan. It ensures all the areas in the proposed building get high-capacity signals. 
Network Optimization
Is your current network facing problems? That might be due to its incorrect optimization. We can upgrade your existing network to eliminate poor receiving and signal drop issues. That is only possible with our wireless site survey tools and technicians.
Support & Maintenance
All the modern businesses use the internet as their integral component. That is why you need it up and running 24/7 for effective operations. Luckily, our technicians can eliminate your slow internet and WiFi signal problems with global on-site and remote support.
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Choose the Right Type Of Wireless Site Survey

Wireless site surveys are classified into different types, depending on a business’ needs. Here’s what we can offer you.
Active Wireless Site Survey
An active survey occurs in a business with problems with its existing network. We can optimize and troubleshoot your internet to get the best out of it.
Passive Wireless Site Survey
Have you created a new site for your business? Our passive surveys can help gather environmental information to monitor signal strength and coverage.
Predictive Wireless Site Survey
Are you moving to a new business location? Make sure to get our predictive surveys, as they can plan the network design for an entirely new place with no existing network.

Choose the Right Type Of Wireless Site Survey

Wireless site surveys are classified into different types, depending on a business’ needs.
Here’s what we can offer you.





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