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Telecommunications have proven their worth in businesses. Now, IT has become part of the telecom industry and upgraded it by miles. You can level up your Quality of Service, Equipment Maintenance, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, and Analytics with our IT telecom services. 

Our IT services can take you global if you are limited to local operations. We can create the ideal infrastructure with high-end equipment that ensures your telecom IT growth. 

Reach Newer Heights With Our Field Services

The telecom industry goes hand-in-hand with IT field services. It demands upgrades in installations, maintenance, monitoring, and more. All these requirements can be fulfilled using the right telecom IT solutions. 

We can be your telecom business’ field services partner. As a result, you will get expert technicians to strategize and implement solutions and monitoring. With our troubleshooting, you will never face any problems. Your business will run smoothly while our system will fetch analytics for you. Regular maintenance and assistance by our experienced technicians will ensure your company’s growth. So, break the chains of your regional limitations and go global!
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Need A Technician For Your Telecom Project?

Our Telecom IT Services

Upgrade your telecom services with our IT solutions, ensuring your business
never lags behind in this ever-changing atmosphere.
On-Site Dispatch
Our team of highly skilled technicians will visit your location either regularly or once, depending on your business requirements and challenges. 
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Project Management
We have a special unit for project management that strategizes and handles upgrades, equipment, and software-based solutions.
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FieldFlex SM
Our solutions cut down margin stacking by eliminating IT labor. Instead, we create a direct contract with our highly-experienced technicians. 
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How We Help

Modern telecom services demand IT integration with upgraded equipment solutions.
Here’s how it will help your business:
You'll have a single point of contact for all your IT field management and technician services.
Cost Abatement
Putting local techs onsite is often more cost-
effective than flying in your own technicians.
Unlimited Skillsets
AIW Diversified can provide techs with skillsets outside of those in your internal pool.
Rapid Response
We make it easy to scale your labor pool for high demand or compressed rollout schedules.
We can extend demarcs, install handsets and work with your client for turnover services in a single visit.
Site Surveys
Our pool of Ekahau and LTE technicians assess site conditions and pathways for planning and verification of coverage.

How We Work

AIW Diversified Solutions have an effective way of working. From planning to delivery,
we ensure complete coordination and partnership with our clients.
Here’s how we work with our partners:
Site Inspection
The work starts by visiting your business location(s) to understand how to strategize
and implement our telecom IT solutions.
We create a price quote for your business requirements, including the scope,
timeline, and expected cost, with 100% project visibility. 
Project Management
Our project and partner managers coordinate with your business to schedule,
report, and dispatch the final product.
We send a team of on-site technicians to visit your business locations,
no matter where you are located.
After the product is ready and tested, our team deploys and integrates it into your business’s existing system.
Our solutions are based on agile models, meaning we continue upgrading and repairing them as your business expands. Since these models are flexible, they cost less than a one-off model. 

Who We Serve

AIW Diversified Solutions offers telecom IT services for companies of all scales.
We can serve the following types of clients. 
Secure Facilities
Conference Services
Traditional Telecom
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