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All modern restaurants use technology in one way or another. Let us help you enhance the customer experience with our restaurant IT services that secure your online ordering, mobile operations, and payment methods.

Upgrading Your Food With Field Services

A restaurant is more than just an eaterie. Over time, technology has helped the food industry grow like never before. The integration of mobile and online ordering has made it more convenient for people. That is why you need our IT services for restaurants to unlock your full potential. AIW Diversified Solutions has helped numerous restaurants worldwide. 

We provide all the essential equipment required to secure your restaurant. Additionally, our on-site technicians can ensure the setup works efficiently. Our monitoring helps us gather critical analytics for your business. We can use that to create and implement tailored-fit solutions for your restaurant. 
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Our IT Services for Restaurant Industry

We can set up all the required equipment in your restaurant. Our solutions can seamlessly integrate with your existing system. 
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On-Site Service
Are you located at a faraway location? Worry not because our on-site technician can reach your restaurant within a few hours.
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Fieldflex SM
Our solutions allow you to reduce labor costs with a direct contract with our technicians to secure mobile software for your restaurant.
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Why AIW Diversified Solution

AIW Diversified Solution has upgraded various restaurants globally. Our team consists of highly experienced and skilled technicians. We provide remote as well as on-site services. With our solutions, you can set up an IT service desk in your restaurant. It helps you keep track of your operations, analytics, and other key metrics. We aim for higher efficiency and security with our restaurant chain IT field services.

Our troubleshooting and maintenance services are available to assist you 24/7, 365 days. You can always get in touch with our expert technicians for troubleshooting. With continuous monitoring, we can eliminate any problem before it even occurs. So, are you ready to upgrade your restaurant?
We offer Multisite IT field services for restaurant chains
We have tailored-fit solutions for your business specifications
24/7 Global Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Our technologies can upscale your business with our own equipment.
Increase your IT security with API-based services.
Reliable solutions for restaurants of all scales
Higher business efficiency with upgraded technologies.

Our High-End Technologies

We provide reliable enterprise restaurant IT field services with premium hardware and software quality.
Our project and partner managers will choose the best option considering your business operations. Lastly,
our technicians will set up these technologies in your eatery. 
Outdoor Tech
Outdoor Digital Menu Boards
Drive-Thru Hardware
Indoor Digital Menu Boards
Point of Sale (POS) Hardware
POS Software
Kiosk Software
Security Cameras
PIN pads
Kiosk Hardware
QSR Automation
Back Office Cleanup
Kitchen Display Systems
New Restaurant Install
WiFi Installation
WiFi Predictive and Post-Installation Surveys
LTE Surveys
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