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At AIW Diversified Solutions, we solve complex problems of OEM providers that handle global operations. With our services, your organization can skyrocket in terms of value, revenue, quality, and support.

Satisfying Clients, Globally!

Our team specializes in meeting complex needs common among Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We guarantee your expertise outside your skillset, including tech installation and maintenance. With reliable support on your side, you can become THE OEM provider in the market. 

Our team of experienced technicians can help with project management, site surveys, network engineering, and cloud support. Whether you need on-site or remote assistance, we are here to help you offer top-notch OEM services.
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AIW Diversified Solutions make IT tasks look easy. We have global technicians who can visit your OEM organization, regardless of its location. Our team offers dedicated support and maintenance for our tech installation. 

Simplifying IT for OEM Service Providers

Simplicity and visibility are the features that make us
ideal for an OEM service provider.
Easy to Connect
Our enterprise IT support services for your OEM services are only a phone call or email away!
Dedicated Team
We have dedicated teams for project management, staff augmentation, and partnership management. 
Speedy Service
Our 24/7/365 global coverage allows us to help OEM providers anytime and anywhere in the world. 
Maximum Convenience
In our enterprise IT consulting service, technicians can handle all the work, leaving you to focus on your manufacturing operations.
Efficient Automation
We strive for higher efficiency at every step of our services. Our high-end equipment ensures seamless automation of your OEM processes. 
Our global technicians, serving in over 200 countries, will prove to be less costly than a third-party technician. 
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